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Many hands make light work, and we are looking for each member to volunteer.

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       Help with the Beau Snack Shack
       Swim meets
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Permission to Publish

From time to time, photographs and/or video footage are taken of members. These materials may be used for internal communications (for example: on the bulletin board, and in the weekly newsletter) as well as for external communications (for example: advertising materials and the pool's website). I authorize Beaurepaire Swimming Club to use my child's/children's names, photographs, video footage and educational projects in publications, including all media types, for internal and external communications.

Payment Options

Pay By CheckOnce you submit your registration we will send you a confirmation code by email that you we ask you to include with your check.

Please bring your cheque to Registration Day on May 11th, from 7-9 PM at the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre,
or drop it off at : 110 LAKEVIEW BLVD., BEACONSFIELD (QC) H9W 4R8.